Please see our Adoption Process page to familiarize yourself with our adoption steps. Our adoption process of written application, interview, and home visit yields a very high percentage of successful adoptions and helps prepare adopters for life with an Italian Greyhound.

If you are not interested in an Italian Greyhound listed below, please contact us so we can discuss other options with you. We work closely with Italian Greyhound rescues in surrounding states and would be happy to help you adopt from one of these rescues. We can also provide references to good breeders who improve the breed through good breeding practices for health and temperament. Good breeders allow you to meet the parents so you can verify they are in good health and well cared for. Beware of buying a puppy online and never buy one from a pet store! Puppies from most online breeders and all pet stores are from puppy mills. Learn more about puppy mills here.

Courtesy listing for IG mix at Elmbrook Humane Society

Cha Cha is a cute and little spunky girl. She gets along great with other dogs her size and energy level! She is very shy with new people and needs time to warm up. We were contacted by a local animal control as she was so afraid during their intake process. Cha Cha is in foster care and doing well on crate training. However she is still working on housetraining and that may continue to be a challenge due to her small size. Also it appears she was trained to potty pads early or never outside and takes better to indoor pad training than outdoor training so will need a patient home open to indoor training as she will most likely be a challenge in WI winters due to her start in life and small size. She has only been in foster care for a short time and will definitely need patience and continued work on housetraining and management especially in a new environment (crate and baby gates). This doesn’t mean she doesn’t like to be outside as she does love to walk. Estimated to be about 7 months old, she was only 5 pounds when EBHS took her in. She has gained weight and is about 7 pounds. Cha cha’s ideal home is an adult home. Because she is shy, quick movements, loud noises, and visitors can be scary for her. Cha Cha would benefit from a confidence class and training as she’s smart and does like to learn and use her brain. Cha Cha is in foster care so please contact the shelter if you are interested in more information.

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